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Head Mistress Message

Mrs.Shareena Das

Head Mistress

“Be like a diamond that shines brightly”

Sree Gokulam Kindergarten is always filled with a treasure trove of memories .It is indeed a paradise which is located in the home town of our beloved Chairman Sri Gokulam Gopalan.

Now, of course we are very proud to be a part of competitive educational world with unique features .We can promise you that our school will be a home away from home.

Our school offers quality education from Pre-school to IV standard with state of the art facilities .The campus is enjoying an inspiring and accepting environment where pupils can be themselves, develop new skills and nurture their brains to grab brimming experience of the world out side .Sree Gokulam Kindergarten believes in the word
education that would transform each student mentally , intellectually ,personally and you can feel the real inner spirit sleeping in them.

At Sree Gokulam Kindergarten students learn by living to experience something new day today with their inexplicable feelings rather than begin spoon feed . Our teachers not just teach ,but grooms student’s
innate talent and help them to discover their hidden potentials. Together we do mould a new world of young talents .In this hurry –burry world, life at Sree Gokulam Kidergarten , no doubt would change a student’s life beyond imagination. It’s a divine place where your child can learn and grow at their own pace.

Head Mistress
Sree Gokulam Kindergarten